Why do Hindu’s immerse their Gods and Goddesses?

Why do Hindu’s immerse their Gods and Goddesses?

The day after Hartalika, we took our husband’s made of sand to the lake to be immersed into the water. Next week, on the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi, the Ganesh idols being worshiped in homes and communities across India, will meet the same watery fate. Why throw idols which have the invoked spirit of God inside them into murky and polluted water?

hartalika gauri shiva lingam marigolds flowers basil

Our Shiva Linga idols, waiting to be immersed


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Monkey Poop on my Head: Is it Lucky?

Monkey Poop on my Head: Is it Lucky?

In England, it is said that if a bird poops on your head, it’s going to bring you some good luck. But, what if it’s a huge monkey who see’s you from high up in a tree and defecates on your head? Is that also lucky? My initial feeling is that it’s a case of extreme bad luck to have poo fall on you from the sky.

It took me several seconds to realise what had just happened, at first I thought…

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Ganesh Chaturthi: When Lord Ganesh Came to Stay

Ganesh Chaturthi: When Lord Ganesh Came to Stay

After celebrating the love between Lord Shiva and Gauri (Goddess Parvati), we welcomed their son, Lord Ganesh, into our home. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most spectacular festivals on the Hindu calendar, many weeks of preparation have led up to this event, craftsmen and artists have been busy building idols of this round bellied God in a huge variety of sizes and poses.During the last couple…

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Hartalika: Honouring the Green and Golden Goddess

Hartalika: Honouring the Green and Golden Goddess

I never imagined I would be making phallus’ out of sand with my grandmother and mother-in-law, but that’s what we did this morning during our two hour Hartalika pooja (prayer).  This festival is for women to celebrate the day Lord Shiva accepted the green and golden goddess, Gauri (a form of Goddess Parvati) as his wife. Lord Shiva and Gauri represent the divine masculine and…

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My Bridal Mehendi (Henna), 4 Months After the Wedding

My Bridal Mehendi (Henna), 4 Months After the Wedding

Regular readers will know that I was really upset when I didn’t have bridal mehendi (otherwise known as henna) when I was a bride back in April. Well, tomorrow there is a Maharashtrian festival celebrating marriage, it’s a little like Karva Chauth and as part of the celebrations, I’ve got my bridal mehendi, hooray.My grandparent in-law have arrived for the festival season, so my grandma,…

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Pola: Worshiping the Hard Working Bull

Pola: Worshiping the Hard Working Bull

There is a famous ‘running of the bulls’ festival in Spain where people get chased by an angry bull, here in Maharashtra there is a different kind of bull festival. It’s Pola today, this involves worshiping the hard working bulls; farmers give their bulls a bath, decorate them with flowers and jewellery and I’d like to think they treat them with extra kindness.This festival is mainly celebrated…

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Bangles for Goddess Lakshmi

Bangles for Goddess Lakshmi


Bangles are very important to Indian women, ‘married women should never have bare wrists’, my friend told me after seeing me bangleless. The next time I saw her she had sweetly bought me a beautiful set, which I have worn every day since.

Glass bangles are traditionally worn and even though it is very inauspicious to admit, I have accidently smashed a couple, wearing two non glass bangles…

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Ganesh Chathurthi Workshops

Walking around the maze of workshops, aimlessly and amazed, full of the white washed ghosts of the Lord Ganesh, you just cannot help but get excited for the upcoming festival, Ganesh Chathurthi. Ganesh Chathurthi is a huge festival celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesh, the elephant headed God of wisdom and new beginnings.

Statues of Lord Ganesh are brought into homes across India and once the…

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Your Long Distance Relationship with an Indian

Your Long Distance Relationship with an Indian

They are in India and you are stuck wherever you are. It’s tough, really tough. I was in a long distance relationship with my husband for about a year, only actually being with him for five weeks during that time. My husband has been away with work for nearly three weeks now and it’s brought back all of those long distance memories.I know a few of my readers are in long distance relationships,…

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The Blind School & Dahi Handi

The Blind School & Dahi Handi

Yesterday I started volunteering with Saksham Seva. I will be creating English audio books for the blind in India, being the voice, editing them and adding sound effects etc. Hopefully I can create some awesome audio books after my training is finished, the first book I am working on is a children’s story about a little Indian girl. There are quite a few Hindi words in it, so I have to work on my…

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