Packing your life into one suitcase

Packing your life into one suitcase

Well, I couldn’t bring my collection of Vogue magazines or my stone Buddha to India. I had to distill the processions I had accumulated over twenty-four years down to a single suitcase. Here are several of the sentimental things I brought to India with me…

Postcard of my favourite painting from my favourite museum

I have so many happy memories of the Ashmolean museum in Oxford, I brought a…

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The Jungle Book: Our Tiger Safari

The Jungle Book: Our Tiger Safari

When my family were in India, we drove to the nearby Pench National Reserve (Nagpur) hoping we would be lucky enough to spot some wild tigers. We jumped into an open jeep, provided with (really cool) hats and drove into the jungle…

Tigers are one of the most iconic and beautiful creatures on Earth, but also one of the animals most at risk of extinction. India has more than half of the world’s…

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Pugs Love Sarees

Several failed attempts, a few safety-pin injuries and a couple of swear words later, I can now successfully drape my own saree (this weekend we attended an engagement)! Along the way, I had a little helper… Alfonso. Scared that he would damage my saree, I stood on the bed. Desperate as he is to do it, he still isn’t tall enough to get himself up there yet.

Alfonso has a naughty habit of trying…

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Power Cut Diaries

Load shedding, rolling blackouts, planned power cuts… what ever you wish to call them, they are inconvenient and in the heat, distressing. They happen here on a Wednesday, the day the factories have a holiday. The power is switched off and if you don’t have a generator (like us), you have to just sit and wait until it comes back. 

I remember having power cuts as a child, very rarely, but if it…

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Cute Babies of India

Cute Babies of India

Babies of every species are overwhelmingly cute, even those ‘ugly’ ducklings. I have seen so many babies during my first six months living in India and here are a few of my favourites…

The photographer baby

He was so adorable. When the groom of a wedding we attended came in riding a horse, everyone started taking photographs and this little guy didn’t want to miss out. His father gave him his…

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Paithani: My Bridal Saree

Paithani: My Bridal Saree

Paithani sarees are known around the world as poems of hand-woven silk, using very fine silk they are known as one of the richest sarees in Maharashtra.  The art of Paithani weaving began in Maharashtra over two thousand years ago, these sarees have been treasured ever since, usually becoming heirlooms, passing down from generation to generation.  


The designs on the pallu (loose end of a saree)…

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How my relationship with the maids has changed

How my relationship with the maids has changed

I found it really difficult to live in a house with maids, it felt so strange. When I first moved to India, I will be honest, I was scared of them! Even though both of the maids who work here are extremely friendly, I felt intimidated.I would creep around them, worried I would be getting in their way. I would always wait for them to leave the house before I left my room, my daily routine revolved…

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Alfonso’s Royal Family History

Alfonso’s Royal Family History

Princess Ekaterina Dmitrievna Golitsyna and her pug!
Photo credit: wikipedia

Before you adopt a puppy, you research the breed of dog you intend to welcome into your family. I read all I could read about pugs, I learnt that you have to make sure food doesn’t get stored in their wrinkles, they take a while to potty train and because they have a very small nose, they cannot regulate heat very well (he is one pampered pouch, we turn on the air conditioning just for him!).


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Mango Season, I Will Miss You

Mango Season, I Will Miss You

alfonso the mango

You may have heard me talk about how much I am craving some tasty treats from England, foods that India has little interest in. Whilst I still have day dreams about Branston pickle, I can now say that my favourite taste in the entire world is that of sweet Alphonso mangoes. I have even named our Pug after them!

Photo credit:

I’ve always liked mangoes, you can buy them in…

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Anonymous said: Hi Lauren, I hope you're doing well. I love reading your posts, especially because I can emphathise with you on a lot of issues, especially issues arising out of living with in-laws. Just curious to know if you plan to stay with your in-laws forever or plan to shift out to another house in Nagpur or another city in India?

Hey! Thank you so much for writing to me!

We are going to move out soon, I was optimistic that this would work but it is very hard… me and my in-laws are very different, chalk and cheese. We just cannot live together. It is such a shame.

We will move to another house or another city in India soon! Not sure when but, hopefully soon!

Have a lovely day!! xxx